The East Central District Athletic Association was originally formed in 1953 with Russ Baldwin, Yorkton, as the first president. In its infancy and for many years after, it was called the East Central District Athletic and Drama Association and this Association operated without a formal constitution until 1970. It was Olive Lukey of Melville, representing East Central at a High School District delegates meeting held on October 24, 1964, who stated "We handle three things under the one association, athletics, drama, and Bryant Oratory....anyone can vote. We have no constitution."

On November 8, 1967 at an executive meeting of East Central District it was proposed that a committee be set up to draft a constitution for the district and present it for approval at the annual meeting.

On October 8, 1969, there was another discussion regarding a constitution for East Central District. Stan Balanik, a principal at Sturgis, agreed to draft one which would be studied at the next executive meeting.

On January 16, 1970 the proposed draft was circulated and it was adopted at the spring meeting.

This constitution was revised in 1976-77 by a committee chaired by John Zrymiak, a Canora superintendent, and in 1979-80 by the Morris Karakochuk committee.

During the years 1981-1986, President Bob Edwards, along with Bob Simpson, Morris Karakochuk and Richard Rink, formulated an ECDAA Handbook in its present format.

In 1997 the constitution was again updated to reflect the policies, prodedures and practises of the ECDAA and the SHSAA. President Garth Anderson with Bob Simpson, Jim Nichols, Bob Edwards and O.J. Kozey revised the current constitution.

In 2003 the ECDAA constitution and bylaws were updated. President Donald Budz, Bob Simpson, Bob Edwards, Bill Summers, Alan Sharp and Jim Nichols were on the Constitution Committee.

In 2003 the ECDAA web site was placed on line.

In September 2006, the East Central district underwent change initiated by the amalgamations within Sask Learning. The new East Central Distict would now include the Good Spirit School Division and the Christ the Teacher School Division. Foam Lake, Wishart and Ituna left the district while Esterhazy, Churchbridge and Langenburg joined East Central. The constitution and bylaws were revised to reflect the changes East Central had underwent.

SHSAA Executive Members from ECDAA

1967-69 Vern Pachal President
1972-75 Barry Stinson Section 2 Rep.
1975-76 Barry Stinson President
1977-80 Peter Sawchuk Section 2 Rep.
1980-83 Bryan Matheson Section 2 Rep.
1980-84 Peter Sawchuk President
1984-88 Bryan Matheson President
1990-93 Bob Simpson Section 2 Rep.
2013-2015 Bob Simpson SSBA Rep
2013-2017 Kevin Kitchen Section 2 Rep.