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Sport Advisory Groups 2015-16

By SHSAA Office, 08/26/15, 6:15AM CST


The SHSAA is asking individuals who are interested in being a member of a Sport Advisory Group for the 2015-16 school year to complete the on-line registration found on the SHSAA website (click here to access the on-line registration).  There is a Sport Advisory Group that is formed for each of the 10 SHSAA activities.  Each Sport Advisory Group is chaired by a member of the SHSAA Executive Council.  Due to the position of Past President being a part of this year’s SHSAA Executive Council, an additional group dealing with classification will also be included.  The deadline for application is September 11 so that the Executive Council can consider the applications and formulate the groups during their September meeting.

The role of these focus groups is to review a specific activity and, if needed, suggest possible changes for the SHSAA Executive Council to consider putting forth to the SHSAA AGM.  In reviewing the activity, the Sport Advisory Groups may use many of the following sources of information:
feedback from coaches, officials, and schools
common practices in other school sport jurisdictions
personal insight and expertise with the activity
published research involving the philosophy of school sport and their specific activity

The Sport Advisory Groups in their preliminary discussions and review of feedback they receive from participants must keep in mind how suggested changes in their activity fit within the multi-sport provincial programming of the SHSAA and the philosophy of school sport.  The Executive Council will also review each suggestion from the Sport Advisory Groups in the same manner, and in doing so, will make the final decision whether to put forth a Sport Advisory Group suggestion/proposal to the SHSAA AGM as a resolution for debate.

Sport Advisory Groups are asked to submit their feedback to the SHSAA Executive Council in time for the April meeting of the Executive Council.  Most of the communication within the Sport Advisory Groups will occur electronically but there may be an opportunity for these groups to meet in person at least once during the year.