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Canadian/Saskatchewan Interscholastic Athletic Adminstrators Association

Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Includes information about Master of Science in Athletic Administration offered through Grace College

Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (CIAAA)

The Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (CIAAA) is a national professional development organization for Athletic Directors across Canada. The mission of the CIAAA is to promote educational athletics through the professional development of athletic administrators with a focus on character and leadership. Our goal is to support schools in building positive athletic environments that enhance the learning experience for all students. 

The CIAAA offers a series of Courses and Workshops to assist Athletic Directors in their role within the school. Some of the topics that are covered are: creating an athletic department handbook, character development and positive sporting behaviour, general school sport administration, legal issues, and more! Each year the CIAAA hosts its marquee event, the CIAAA National Athletic Directors Conference, this don’t miss event brings like minded Athletic Directors from across the country together to learn, network, ask questions, and have fun.

As part of the SHSAA,  Athletic Directors receive a free CIAAA membership. Activating your membership will allow you to receive discounted pricing on courses and the conference, free workshops, access to our extensive online resource bank, access to our discussion forum and more!

The CIAAA is always looking for opportunities to present courses, if you would like to set one up in your area (online or in person) contact

Check out what the CIAAA has to offer on their website:

For questions and more information please contact:
Caleigh Wojcicki
CIAAA Executive Director


Saskatchewan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (SIAAA) Contacts

SHSAA Office 306-721-2151
Executive Liaison Ryan Trumbley 306-275-2133
Section 1 Mitch Singleton 306-776-2332
Section 2 Margie Gibson 306-435-3341
Section 3 Ryan Trumbley 306-275-2133
Section 4 Troy Snider 306-834-2444
Regina Sandra Surkan 306-523-3200
Saskatoon Shaun Nechvatal 306-659-7900
CIAAA Executive Director Caleigh Wojcicki 1-888-618-4530