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A Basketball scheduling meeting shall be held to determine scheduling of exhibition play in East Central.

Play-off Format:

League format will be determined annually by a meeting of teams involved. 
Regional format shall be determined by the SHSAA.


East Central will host a Junior District Basketball Championship in both Girls and Boys categories.

Sites of the Championship shall be determined by a Bid to Host Process. Bids must be received by the ECDAA for review at the fall meeting.


1. Both boys and girls shall use the size 6 ball (Senior girls ball)
2. Teams shall note their intent to enter into the Junior Championship by completion of the Junior East Central activities form
3. The following shall seed teams: Host Commissioner, ECDAA President, and Officials Representative.
4. FIBA rules shall apply during the competition.
5. The number of entries shall determine the draw and times of play.
6. Teams who indicate intent to participate in the District Championship and withdraw prior to or during the Championships may be subject to District sanctions.
7. Eight minute quarters