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  1. East Central will hold an annual grass green tournament on the third Tuesday of September. The site will be determined in an open bid at the District Spring meeting. (Junior golf championship to be held in June)
  2. Each school may enter a team of six competitors with a maximum of four from either gender.
  3. All green fees are the responsibility of the individual golfer or school.
  4. Canadian Golf Association Rules will apply as will the local rules of the host club.
  5. Golfers that do not adhere to the SHSAA dress code will not be allowed to participate. The dress code for the SHSAA golf events is: tailored slacks, tailored dress shorts, tailored skirts, school athletic suits and a collared shirt with sleeves are acceptable. Jeans, cut-offs, jammers, muscle shirts, or any shirt bearing numbers or offensive slogans will not be allowed.
  6. Golfers that compete in the District tournament and quality for the provincials must be committed to attending the provincial tournament.
  7. Caddying and or coaching are not allowed during the course of play.
  8. All coaches or teacher supervisors must be present at the golf course while their students golf.
  9. Team Scoring: the total of the four best scores recorded by that team on each hole. At least one of the scores must be that of the opposite gender.
  10. The competition will determine the top three male and female golfers and the school team champion.
  11. Playoffs will be held to determine individual champions or to determine individuals or teams advancing to provincials.
  12. Following the tournament a District coach will be selected. However, transportation, supervision and accommodation to provincials are the responsibility of the individual school and its coach.
  13. If sufficient interest is shown a sand green tournament may be organized with no district awards or financial assistance. If a team proceeds to provincial play, the travel assistance grant will be returned to the schools involved.
  14. . In the case of a tie to determine the placement of position 1,2,3 due to a tie a sudden death playoff will take place. The person scoring the low score of the 1st tie-breaking hole shall be declared the winner.
  15. The Protest Committee should be made of the Commissioner, Local Club Pro if available or a person knowledgeable in local and RCGA rules. The members of the committee should be identified prior to the championship beginning.
  16. In the case of a tie for the team championship, the team of four with each gender represented shall constitute the four players that will represent the school in a sudden death playoff. Each team shall play one hole with the total scores of each player being recorded by an approved official. The team with the low score shall be declared the winner of the District Championship.


1. East Central shall hold an annual Junior District Golf Championship.

2. The site of the Junior Championship shall be determined by a bid to host. The School wishing to host a Junior Golf Championships is asked to submit the bid prior to the ECDAA Spring meeting.

3. Entries for the Championship are based on the following criteria:

  • Grade 7
  • Grade8
  • Grade9

4. Grouping at the Championship shall be at the discretion of the Junior Golf Commissioner.

5.It is suggested that alternate tee off sites are provided for the girl competitors.

6.The Championship shall be an 18-hole format. Stroke play is recorded as the score.

7.In the case of a tie for 1st 2nd or 3rd place in each grade or gender category a sudden death playoff shall take place. The first golfer to record a lower score shall be awarded the placement. Play shall continue until all positions are determined

8. It is recommended that each golfer exchange their player card. They shall provide the scorer with the total per hole. Each player shall ensure that the correct score is recorded prior to the score being recorded at the score table.

9. Each athlete is responsible for paying the green fees at the District Championship.

10. A player may only carry 14 clubs in their bag.

11. In the case that a player does not understand the rule of a particular situation, they should consult their group for an interpretation of the rule. Should the group not provide a clear interpretation of the rule it is recommended that a player play a second ball. Both scores of the hole should be recorded. The player should then get a rule interpretation from an official and record the correct score.

12. Play is to be suspended when there is a threat of lightning. In the case of suspension of play, the Commissioner shall make a ruling as to the Junior Golf Championship.

13. The Commissioner should identify members of the rules committee prior to the tournament beginning.

14. The competition shall be a shotgun start.

15. Medals shall be awarded for 1st place for each grade and each gender.