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1. SHSAA competition in all classifications. Commissioners are appointed in each classification to develop the play - off formats to declare winners who proceed directly to Provincial Championship tournaments.

2. Play -off Format : In each category no more than four teams shall compete in a District Championship tournament. If more than four teams are entered then the host team will receive a bye and the Commissioner shall determine which teams have to eliminate to fill the remaining places. The form of elimination shall be determined by the teams involved. 

The Championship shall be round - robin competition followed by a championship match between the top two in the round - robin.


1.ECDAA shall sponsor a Junior Boys and Junior Girls District Volleyball Championship.

2. Sites of the Championship shall be determined by a bid to host. Schools are encouraged to submit their bid to host applications prior to ECDAA spring meeting.

3.Teams are to indicate their intent to participate in the Junior Volleyball Championship when they complete the Junior Sport Registration Form.

4. Teams, which register to compete at the Junior District Championships, must notify the Junior District Commisoner if they are not available for the District Championships. Failure to appear or complete the event may result in sanctions against the individuals or school.

5.All schools may register to compete in the Junior Volleyball Championships.

6.Failure to register or provide entry fees by the deadline will result in the withdrawal of your team's entry to the District Championships.

7. The following people shall do seeding of the draw: Officials Representative, District President and Host District Commissioner.