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Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, Activity Policy


“The purpose of the SHSAA is to foster educational opportunities for all students through interschool sport."

SHSAA Values (May 2019 Strategic Plan)

Student-Athlete Welfare

The SHSAA is committed to amateurism, student-athlete welfare, gender equity, sportsmanship and fair play within an ethical framework, cultural diversity, and the overall athletic experience. This will be reflected in every aspect of the athletic administrative operations and decisions.

Fair Competition

The competition among teams in SHSAA activities is genuine, yet fair, to ensure that each participating team has opportunity to advance through the playoff structure for that activity and achieve the educational goals of school sport.

Personal Development

The encouragement of an active healthy lifestyle, the competitive environment, the application of rules, and conduct of student-athletes, coaches and officials contribute positively to achievement of the social, personal, and citizenship goals of education.

Celebration of Excellence

The overriding purpose of SHSAA programming is to celebrate school team and student-athlete success, participation, and demonstration of the benefits and qualities of sportsmanship. Every effort is made to recognize each of these benefits of high school athletic competition.

Equity of Access

SHSAA will endeavour to provide equity of access to participation across the province.


Provincial Championship Program Goals (May 2019 Strategic Plan)

The SHSAA plans and coordinates all playoffs leading to the provincial championships. Districts and school divisions plan and coordinate interschool athletic competitions and organize and support playoffs at the school division and SHSAA district level as proposed by the SHSAA.


The advancement of student-athletes and school teams to a provincial championship is by a series of playoff competitions. It is generally given that playoffs leading to the provincial championship may include playoffs at the school, school division, SHSAA district or conference, regional and provincial final levels. The number of meaningful and manageable playoffs necessary to eliminate to the provincial final event will determine the number of levels and sequence of playoffs.

Efficient Scheduling

The scheduling of all playoffs must respect ‘instructional time in the classroom’; however, it is also acknowledged that there is great educational value derived from participation in competitive playoffs leading to the provincial championship. Considering the unique aspects of each sport, it is inevitable that some classroom instructional time will be directed into the athletic opportunities for student-athletes. Playoffs leading to the provincial championship should respect economic implications, travel time, and absence from school.

Consistent Application

The program goals and SHSAA approved structures including the classification structure for team sport, and the playoff structure leading to the provincial championship, are applied consistently across all sports and levels of championship competition and from year to year to ensure meaningful and manageable levels of play. Individual sports should also follow a consistent level of playoffs albeit they may differ from team sport playoffs.

Number of Teams in Championships

The maximum number of teams permitted to play in playoffs leading to a provincial championship is the least reasonable number in consideration of the sport to ensure efficient management and delivery of a safe and competitive event. 

Character Development

Although winning a championship will be a goal of many teams, it is but a pleasant by-product of the journey.  The true value in the journey of school sport and ensuing playoffs is character development consistent with the goals of education.