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Cross Country Activity Information


3km Cross Country Course

The race will start inside the track area then loop along the track to a trail along the Turtle River.  This will lead to the entrance of loop #1.  Runners will cross a short bridge leading to a hill (19% grade) infamously known as ‘heart attack hill’.  At the top of the hill runners will enter loop @2 which is a flat area.  After leaving loop #2 the runners will head a short distance down a road, which will then circle back down the hill toward the Turtle River where they will cross a second short bridge.  Runners must then enter loop #3, which is another flat area of approximately 500m.  Once this loop is completed it will lead the runners back onto loop #1 where upon they head back to the track to finish the race in front of a grandstand full of spectators. 

4km Cross Country Course

4km – Loop #1 is run twice (blue arrows) and the arms of loop #2 and loop #3 are run once (yellow arrows).

5km Cross Country Course

5km -  Loop #1,2,3 are run twice (blue arrows).