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Curling Activity Information


Curling Accommodations

This area is updated as hosts submit information to the SHSAA office.


Any device that is being used for communication with a coach or other individual during the course of a game will be removed from the player until the completion of the competition.


On the recommendation of the Curling Sport Advisory Group, the SHSAA will not be applying the Brush Head Moratorium to high school curling due to a number of factors. The Brush Head Moratorium can be referenced by clicking here.  

Regarding sweeping, the SHSAA "encourages everyone to consider the true spirit of the sport of curling, and regardless of the brush head in use, all players should revert to the sweeping techniques/ styles in play prior to the 2015-16 season (ie. sweep in any direction you want, but do not leave debris in front of the stone and the last brush stroke should be away and to the side of the path of the stone.)"