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Qu'Appelle Valley District Athletic Association - Prairie Valley School Division #208

QVDA Athletics  

Independent schools that associated with the QVDA are as follows: Nakoda Oyada Education Complex (NOEC), Cowessess Community Educational Centre, Peepeekisis Pesakastew, Chief Paskwa Education Centre, Chief Kahkewistahaw Education Centre, Payepot, Kakisiwew, St. Augustine Roman Catholic School, Standing Buffalo, and Notre Dame College.

Trevor Viergutz

QVDA District President

Phone: 695-3929 F: 695-2328

Ron Reinhart

PVSD Athletic Commissioner

Phone: 541-8210

Kayla Vargo

QVDA Officials Commissioner

Phone: 696-2727 F: 696-3592


Regional Curling Hosts for 2020

03/21/2019, 10:30am CST
By Trevor Viergutz

QVDA is responsible for hosting SHSAA Regional Curling for the 2019-20 athletic year. The QVDA Executive is still searching for a host for the Boys and Girls categories. Regionals would be hosted on Mar 2nd-3rd, 2020. Both events could be hosted at the same facility if it is a four sheet curling rink. Hosts would receive an automatic berth to Regionals as per QVDA policy. Please contact Trevor Viergutz ( if your school is interested in hosting these events.

Officials Mentorship Program

09/19/2018, 10:45am CST
By Trevor Viergutz

QVDA is hoping to continue with our mentorship program for officiating this year. It involves experienced officials mentoring up and coming officials (can be high school students) during games and tournaments. The experienced official will work with their mentee(s) and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to officiate the sport on their own one day. How the mentorship will look will vary from school to school depending on experience, and the games being officiated, but we hope that more schools will try to implement some mentorship this year.


  • Send a list of names so she can keep track of who is taking part in the program (can be soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, etc.)
  • QVDA will pay the experienced officials as if they had actually officiated the game (even if they were providing mentorship from the floor)
  • We also ask that when filling out your QVOA forms that you write “mentor” or “mentee” so we can keep track of the extra expenses and of names we might have missed.


We are hoping this program will increase the amount of officials that we have in our schools (which is always needed).

Cross Country Districts

09/19/2018, 10:15am CST
By Trevor Viergutz

Cross Country Districts are coming up quickly on October 1st at Echo Valley Park. More information on the event has been posted under the Cross Country page.