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If You Must Cut Athletes form School Sports Team, Consider Best Practices

By SHSAA Office, 04/30/19, 11:45AM CST


Louise Humbert and Lauren Sulz were contributors to a recently published article (click here to view the article) in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  Louise and Lauren presented at the 2016 AGM in Saskatoon on research related to teacher-coaches and cutting of athletes from school teams.  Much of their research was conducted in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The abstract to the article is:  Previous and current literature tends to overlook the practice of deselecting, or “cutting,” athletes from school sport teams. In particular, the perspectives of those directly involved in the cutting process have been largely unexplored in research studies, and the practice of cutting has not been addressed in terms of which methods are best for the athletes involved. This article aims to provide an understanding of the practice of cutting from the perspectives of teacher-coaches, parents and athletes. The authors explored cutting practices and perspectives; the physical, social and emotional effect on athletes; and strategies for best practice. This process involved surveying and interviewing teacher-coaches and athletic directors, as well as interviewing student-athletes who had been cut and their parents — all with a goal to further understand the varied perspectives and effects of cutting as a practice. Finally, for those coaches who have to cut athletes from their teams, best practices will be shared. These clear and concise strategies and examples will help coaches and athletes cope with what are often difficult decisions for all involved.